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Front N Back (Player's Ride) ft. K​.​O​.​N & Deuces II [Prod. by BigBoyTraks]

from For Cruisin' Purposes Only by Wave Parker

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Y’know, lemme tell ya about my dream car
It’s Wonderful
Real playas gotta ride real slow
Real smooth
The whip gotta match
Let me tell ya

I'll transform that Kia to a '72 Cadillac Deville Coupe
Candy coat, teal blue; Dayton's gold, deuce deuce
Big body, Bruce Bruce; ride slow, don’t spill the juice
So sickening, you’ll catch the flu, soft top, peel back the roof
Grippin’ grain, mahogany; five percent, no eyes on me
Two fifteens is audibly boomin’ through yo property
Keep it clean, it’s policy; I’m shinin’ through the modesty
When we ride it’s probably a spaceship on an odyssey
Yo bitch wanna ride but she can't
Rollin’ for a while cuz I got a full tank, hey
My niggas don't do swishers for the dank
Rollin’ papers while the paper roll into the bank, hey
Stay true to the lane, ain’t no swerve
Don’t turn on a dime or you gonna hit a curb, yessir
I don’t give a damn bout what ya heard
I’ma do my thang and get exactly what’s deserved, yessir

I’ll be real
You see me ridin’ in a nice car
It’s probably rented
It just is what it is
RIP to the gold Honda Accord
Let’s get it

Used to ride the dented Buick
That was right before music
Now I’m staring at this shawty
Like good Lord, oh won’t he do it
Won’t he do it
I’m tryna drive, you doing the most
If you keep doing what you doing
Then you may just kill us both
But the way we bending corners
Like we making fortune tellers
To love me, love me not
It’s Important that I tell her
That I feel like Travis porter
When she dancing to our records
Tell her life’s a game of chess
Just ‘bout every time I checker
But she love it when I make it go vroom, vroom, vroom
We ain’t there yet but shit soon, soon, soon
Go in reverse and just back up on me
Go in reverse and just back up on me
So you believe what you wanna believe
But these boys ain’t my grain like I took some Aleve
Why you using my name when I ain’t no where to see
Man we nearly on they rears and we ain’t even switch the gears yet

Roll down my windows please
Roll down my windows please, yea
Roll down my windows please
Roll down my windows please, yea
You get it
You did it
Ayo Wavy
Let me turn down the knob on these hoes real quick
You feel me

Rolling down the corner
Time to place my order
Throws some Ds on that-on that
Deuce and a quarter, yeah
Sunny like it’s Florida
Dripping down from head to toe
Dri-dripping down from head to toe
Like I’m Mr. Porter when I
Pop-pop-pop out quick
Got these bitches stuck
Shop out got ‘em looking sick
I can’t make this up
Drop top, pop off; locked up, rocked up
Drop it like it’s hot
Guess it’s time for me to make a flick
Smoke my tree, lemme smoke my trees at ease
Roll down my windows, please
Whipping that old school breeze
I see dem DUBS don’t freeze
They know this shit ain’t free
But if you got problems
My niggas be the quick to squeeze
That’s why we
Knuck if you buck
No, we don’t give a fuck
Hit the club
And we stomp
Running like Forrest Gump
Came out the slumps
UGK’s what I bump
Let it wang
Let it bounce
I been crunk
From the jump


from For Cruisin' Purposes Only, released August 10, 2022
Deuces II


all rights reserved



Wave Parker Cincinnati, Ohio

An artist from Cincinnati, OH, Wave Parker brings funk and soul into the mix of southern influenced, trunk bangin', slab swangin' hip hop tunes. He speaks on lifestyle enhancement and self-care for the everyday person. "I want people, especially those who have the odds stacked against them, to feel like they can do anything they put their mind to when I'm playing. You only fail when you give up" ... more

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